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Against the background of propecia pills increase in systolic blood pressure, diastolic pressure rises moderately, by approximately 30-40 mm Hg. Art., resulting in an increase in pulse pressure. Hyperkinetic crises are characterized by rapid development and a short course - from several minutes to buy finasteride hours. Crises of this type can develop in hypertension and in some forms.max secondary hypertension. Serious complications after hyperkinetic crises develop quite rarely.

Hypokinetic crises usually occur in patients suffering from hypertension for a long time (I-III stages of the disease). The manifestations of the crisis develop gradually. Visual and hearing impairment may occur. The pulse rate remains normal or decreases (bradycardia). Predominantly increased diastolic blood pressure.

In hypokinetic crises, there is a decrease in cardiac output and a sharp increase in peripheral vascular resistance (that is, an increase in diastolic pressure). In a hypokinetic type of finasteride pills, the electrocardiogram, as a rule, shows more pronounced disturbances than in a hyperkinetic crisis.

Eukinetic crises are characterized by normal cardiac output and increased peripheral vascular resistance (i.e., both systolic and diastolic pressures rise). Eukinetic crises, as a rule, occur in patients suffering from hypertension at stages II-III against the background of a significant increase in blood pressure and in some forms of symptomatic (secondary) hypertension. Crises of this type develop relatively quickly with initially elevated blood pressure, but they do not have a violent course, unlike hyperkinetic crises.

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Uncomplicated crises, as a rule, can develop in the early stages of hypertension. In this case, there is a sudden significant increase in blood pressure, but there are no pronounced signs of target organ damage. In an uncomplicated crisis, there may be a temporary obstruction of cerebral blood flow, a number of finasteride disorders, and hormonal disorders (for example, a significant release of adrenaline). The symptomatology of an uncomplicated hypertensive crisis is determined by manifestations associated with a sharp increase in pressure, as well as with a violation of cerebral blood flow.

Usually, an uncomplicated hypertensive crisis begins with a sudden severe throbbing headache, often accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision. In addition, there are symptoms such as nervous excitement, anxiety, fever and increased sweating, interspersed with a feeling of coldness and trembling in the limbs, a feeling of lack of propecia online, shortness of breath, sometimes pain in the heart, the appearance of red spots on the skin, especially on the face, neck and hands, increased heart rate, a sharp increase in blood pressure, especially systolic (upper).